Global Social Media Insights and Research

  • $14 Trillion Market: Women Re-Imagine Advertising
    16 October 2014

    Women took a dynamic stand at Advertising Week XI in New York in a powerful display of solidarity against the current status quo in advertising which still — in the 21st century — degrades, objectifies and stereotypes women. Women represent a $14 trillion market. They make 85% of household purchasing decisions and heavily influence the rest. Forbes reports that women are on a trajectory to control more than two-thirds of the nation’s wealth by 2030, lead by women entrepreneurs.

  • Social Media Intelligence in 43 Languages
    7 October 2014

    Localspeak’s native language social media analysts now support 43 languages and cultures. As a NetBase business partner, we use NetBase Application – a natural-language processing tool that monitors a brand’s real-time vital signs—to support global brand insights, analytics and market intelligence in 43 markets.

  • Has the Empire Struck Back?
    7 October 2014

    At the recent Social Shake-Up in Atlanta, Robin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today, asked Brian Solis “Is Social Media dead?” Solis traces the disruptive trends happening in social businesses and how to ride the digital transformation wave to create meaningful solutions to today’s problems.