Global Social Media Insights and Research

Localspeak delivers culturally innovative and rich ethnographic insights to global brand marketers, market researchers and social media content providers. We provide industry-wide consumer intelligence and customized research at the speed of social.

A multicultural in-language market research insights and social media intelligence firm, Localspeak partners with global market researchers and brand innovators. Our clients rely on Localspeak to reveal ethnographic insights to fortify competitive positioning, audience profiling, campaign analysis, conversation drivers, sentiment and emotion analysis, influencer and innovation strategy.

As a NetBase business partner, we use NetBase Application – a natural-language processing tool that monitors a brand’s real-time vital signs – to support global brand insights, analytics and market intelligence in 43 languages.

  • Hispanic Social Media Intelligence & Analysis

    • Hispanic Political Campaign Social Media Monitoring

      Track social media political and key issues sentiment trending among Spanish or English-dominant Latino voters.  

    • Hispanic Media Campaign Analysis

      Track and analyze Hispanic campaign reactions, attitudes. Comprehensive social discovery of underlying conversation drivers.

    • Competitive Brand Analysis

      Social media analysis of Hispanic consumer emotional drivers, brand affinity and sentiment.

    • Hispanic Netnography

      Consumer profiling by geography, market segment, attitudes, values, perceptions for prior 27 months.

  • Global Social Media Intelligence & Analytics

    As a NetBase business partner, we leverage NetBase Application – an award-winning natural-language processing tool to support global native language brand insights and analytics—in 43 native languages. Localspeak provides industry-wide consumer intelligence, campaign tracking and analysis, customized and competitive brand audits and digests.

    • Global Concept Testing

      Cultural innovation discovery and concept testing via global analysis of social media attitudes, emotions, behaviors

    • Geolocation Analysis

      Measurement of your brand’s global social activity, engagement, and geo-monitoring of social media conversations

    • Top Influencer Analysis

      Analysis by author and influencer measured reach

    • Risk Management

      Track and benchmark your brand’s net sentiment & passion index trigger points to avert/mitigate brand equity erosion

    • Theme Mapping & Charting

      A deep dive into what people of saying about your brand and underlying motivations.

    • CRM

      Discover how, why, where customers are engaging with your brand to help design an engagement strategy

    • Brand Netnography

      Brand Netnography —A deep social media analysis of your brand’s competitive health, customer engagement and innovation insights. Available for global markets.

    • Campaign Tracking

      Monitor and analyze global media, advertising and product launch campaigns

    • Global Competitive Brand Analysis

      What are the emotional, behavioral, sentiment, thematic and attribution differentiators that set your brand apart from global competitors

    • Brand Insights Summary

      How are your brand’s vital sign trending today as compared to the past 27 months.
      Analysis of main themes, attributes, emotions, behaviors and conversations by channel

    And more… global data intelligence and analytics in 43 native languages.

  • Global Market Research Services

    Original social media research and brand analysis in 43 languages

    • Global Qualitative Social Media Research

      As a NetBase business partner, we deploy NetBase Application to deliver highly accurate natural-language processed brand analytics and social intelligence — in 43 languages. Markets can be targeted with geolocation precision.

    • Native Language Coders

      Onshore across North America, our in-language coding service offers speedy deliverables in dozens of languages.

    • Translation

      Our translators are Native Language experts in all industries and study disciplines.