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Sentiment Analysis Webinar: From the Trenches

Posted on 7 November 2014

Is advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) sentiment analysis the holy grail to competitive edge and leading innovation? Learn from leading social analysts how sentiment analysis works today; technological advancements; recall accuracy and implications for market research; and why your organization can’t afford not to have a sentiment analysis strategy.

This week Social Media Today CEO Robin Carey hosted a webinar featuring social media strategists Cheryl Contee of, Frank Cotignola of Mondelez (formerly Kraft) and Eric Forst of Tracx, who provided actionable insights and lessons from actual case studies.

Listen and learn in this webinar replay how social media analysts in the food industry, nonprofit, political sectors and brand intelligence space sum up:
· How sentiment analysis works today
· The benefits of sentiment analysis for your business
· Bridging the gap between insight and action with sentiment analysis
· The future of sentiment analysis and what it means for your organization