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Paris Fashion Week Thrives In Social Media

Posted on 17 October 2014

Paris Fashion Week may have taken place on the catwalks in Paris temples of fashion, but it truly lives in social media, in any language. Perhaps the biggest fashion revolution today is the greater transparency we’re witnessing in the industry, inviting outliers into the clan. The ah-ha moment seems to have arrived in fashion, where designers and labels now understand it’s the customers who “own” and cultivate their markets, giving new tone, texture and suppleness to the fabric of a notoriously cliquey industry.

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Women Rock Advertising Week XI

Posted on 10 October 2014

This year New York’s Advertising Week XI gave itself a facelift, but this one wasn’t Photoshopped. In contrast to the past decade of AW programming—largely male dominated panels and scant attention to the pandemic we know as the industry’s propensity for female stereotyping and denigrating hypersexualization—a stealthful revolution by “digital imagery” seems to be emerging.

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Will NFL Sponsors Punt on the Moral Compass Issue?

Posted on 1 October 2014

What does this all mean for the NFL’s much-coveted female dollar? What does the NFL’s domestic violence controversy mean for its female audience of the future? What about ESPN’s audience? And what does this mean for NFL brand sponsors whose moral codes uphold and respect women’s rights? To attempt an answer to these questions, first we must hear from Goodell and the NFL: What exactly does “zero tolerance” mean in their playbook?

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Social And Mobile Strut Fashion Week Catwalk

Posted on 11 September 2014

While the wearable tech “watches” unveiled during New York Fashion Week—Apple Watch, Samsung’s Gear S, and Intel/Opening Ceremony’s MICA—appear not to be universal esthetic showstoppers, more impressive is the heavy embrace by fashion brands of digital innovation, especially social and mobile.

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High Stakes In Back-to-School Shopping Race

Posted on 25 August 2014

After a hot summer contest of superheroes at the box office, yet another fierce brand competition is now underway—the big box back-to- school race. The BTS shopping ritual itself has been transformed by digital and shifting trends in consumer shopping behavior. Based on data from the National Retail Federation, 25% of back to school shoppers are expected to hold off until 1-2 weeks before school starts.

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