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Transition 2014 - CMO Tip of Iceberg Meltdown?

23 July 2014

While presenters at Percolate’s full house Transition 2014 Conference at The TimesCenter in New York City last week debated the future of marketing, I believe most marketers in attendance left knowing they face a big conundrum. Has technology and social disruption accelerated the beginning of the end or end of the beginning for CMO s?

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Entrepreneur Barbie Dresses for "Ice Cream Social"

11 July 2014

Mattel’s launch of EB last month comes on the heels of a highly charged climate where women’s rights are being threatened at the Supreme Court level and sexual assaults on women are increasing, fueled by the objectification of women not only in marketing (eg. Barbie’s Sports Illustrated cover shoot and Pantene’s #unapologetic campaign, which now riffs in EB marketing), but also by public school dress codes. Peggy Orenstein describes some disturbing dress code policies in a New York Times Op-Ed , whose language objectifies girls in particular, placing the onus on them, not boys. Orenstein also cites evidence that self-objectification among girls leads to low self esteem.

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Social Listening: Jill Abramson And The “Bossy” Thing

21 May 2014

Working women have always questioned the veracity of meritocracy. Ostensibly, a given? Alas, not yet, not even in the 21st century. The obtuse firing last week by Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson—the first woman to lead the Times in its 162-year history—who, with 8 Pulitzers to her credit, a stellar fiduciary and fiscal management record at the Times and a record of bringing gender parity and diversity to the newsroom, as well as innovation—is proof positive we have a long way to go.

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Social Listening: Mother’s Day Leading Brand Tributes

13 May 2014

On Mother’s Day, brand culture is on full display in social media. Here are a few of the brand personalities I discovered through their social engagement. The favorite Mother’s Day commercial in social media conversations was the NBA’s “MVP” commercial, which turned NBA star Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech into a humble tribute to his mother.

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Social Enterprise: Realigning With Disruptive Technology

5 May 2014

As the demand for integrating social media intelligence into the ecosystem of companies grows, across almost all verticals, human data has become the new currency. Enterprise command centers have already proven this and remain popular. Additionally, we’re also seeing an increase in a proliferation of NLP dashboards and leaderboards move from the back room, onto employee desktops and into hallways and atriums, partly in response to more companies recognizing the inherent values of migrating to a social enterprise.

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Social Analytics On The Go: NetBase Brand Live Pulse™

1 May 2014

Pernille Bruun-Jensen, NetBase CMO : “By bringing data to the forefront in a new way using executive Live Pulses, we’re seeing people talking. We’re suddenly seeing functions that never set foot in the analytics area. The CEO is turning up and wanting to see what’s going on. It’s a better way to consume it. Of course, you have to have great people who can go deeper, not simply identify hot topics. I see Pulses as an immense collaborator for the entire enterprise, changing the way we work.”

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Social Anatomy of the GM Recall

25 April 2014

General Motor’s conspicuous early withdrawal from social engagement with customers on Facebook is telling of its obtuse, unapologetic stance, an attitude reinforced by its hardline legal maneuvers to blame product safety secrecy on the old pre-Chapter 11 GM.

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Interview With Marie Wallace of IBM: All Things Analytic

9 April 2014

I recently caught up with Marie Wallace, Analytics Strategist at IBM , at Seth Grimes’ Sentiment Analysis Forum in New York City. A lover of technology with a fascination for “all things analytic,” Marie has spent the last decade building analytics technology at IBM . In this interview, she shares her thoughts on analysis, enterprise solutions and working at the intersection of people and technology.

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Interview: Shree Dandekar, Director BI Strategy at Dell

4 April 2014

In this interview, Shree shares his thoughts about the next data analytics revolution, innovation, the human factor in setting up a data analytics strategy, and Dell’s dedication to facilitating actionable insights for customers by streamlining the information life cycle.

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Social Media Consciousness Raising

20 March 2014

Feminist consciousness raising is now viral. Feminist corporate leaders such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have teamed with the Girl Scouts in a #banbossy campaign to bring awareness to the nefarious impact condescending word labeling can have at a very early age on quashing a young girl’s ambition and leadership potential.

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