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Men’s Fashion Trend: Cult of Androgyny?

Posted on 29 June 2015

The tectonic shift occurring in men’s fashion aesthetic, inviting a softer, textural, yet decidedly more relaxed identity, has a distinct feminine touch. In what could be called a continuation of the sixties sexual revolution, today’s questioning and redefining of sexual identity has emerged as an ambisexual expression in men’s fashion aesthetic.

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Chic, Not Shabby, Luxury Secondhand eCommerce

Posted on 19 June 2015

Valued at about $19 billion, the global luxury pre-owned fashion resale market lands not even remotely near a shabby chic classification. This year’s $95 million funding to date of Poshmark, RealReal and Tradesy, already nearly matching last year’s total, forecasts steep competition ahead. A sizzling market, digital luxury consignment has garnered the unequivocal confidence of tech investors.

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Stage Is Set For Luxury Fashion eCommerce

Posted on 3 June 2015

Fashion has joined the IoE – the Internet of Everything.
The opening salvo that Fashion, in particular, luxury, is in the Valley’s crosshairs was reflected earlier this month when Yahoo CEO Marisa Meyers co-chaired Anna Wintour’s Met Gala sealing Yahoo’s sponsorship of the Costume Institute’s China Through a Looking Glass exhibit.

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Strutting the Social Catwalk Data Trail

Posted on 17 March 2015

Fashion designers are meticulous researchers, known for their keen sixth sense in predicting viable fashion trends, seasons in advance. Inspired by mixed media visual references of all kinds, from classic to pop culture. So, it’s no surprise that designers increasingly rely less on actual globetrotting, traveling instead a hybrid inspirational path, prowling social media like Instagram and Tumblr for design stimuli to inspire their “mood boards” and, ultimately, influence their collections.

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A Socially Evolved New York Fashion Week

Posted on 12 February 2015

Social media discovery may not yet be a science, but it has the power to baffle, surprise and delight. So, you’ve got to hand it to the brand innovation gurus when it comes to seizing the day in the social media build to New York Fashion Week 2015. Yeezy? This week’s dominant NYFW15 brand?

I admit, I was among the flummoxed. Typically, my NYFW social web analysis in NetBase would unveil a tidal wave of hot runway shows, events, fashion labels, personalities and, of course, the New York street-style scene.

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