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Social And Mobile Strut Fashion Week Catwalk

11 September 2014

While the wearable tech “watches” unveiled during New York Fashion Week—Apple Watch, Samsung’s Gear S, and Intel/Opening Ceremony’s MICA—appear not to be universal esthetic showstoppers, more impressive is the heavy embrace by fashion brands of digital innovation, especially social and mobile.

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High Stakes In Back-to-School Shopping Race

25 August 2014

After a hot summer contest of superheroes at the box office, yet another fierce brand competition is now underway—the big box back-to- school race. The BTS shopping ritual itself has been transformed by digital and shifting trends in consumer shopping behavior. Based on data from the National Retail Federation, 25% of back to school shoppers are expected to hold off until 1-2 weeks before school starts.

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Discovery Channel’s Shark Week Harpooned in Social Media

20 August 2014

With the launch of Shark Week seasonal programming last weekend, Discovery Channel unapologetically signaled it was sticking to its ratings-ratcheting fantasy shark formula: hoist the salacious gore, lower the boom on science. This season’s Shark Week run has opportunistically, if not predictably, torpedoed the science, and only two of the 29 programs will feature scientists.

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Social Media Moxy: Lauren Bacall's Legacy

17 August 2014

Analysis of social media commentary by aficionados of classic films can provide useful data for story concepts, as it provides unbiased, undiluted, even primal intuitive insights into the psyche of a potential audience at any point in time. Brand marketers and advertisers, too, can benefit from studying film sentiment in social media.

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Social Movie Tracker: Lucy Slays Hercules in the Social Amphitheater

11 August 2014

Undoubtedly, Besson’s techno sci-fi metaphysical Lucy will entertain global audiences and probably cause some neuroscientists to quake. But, as the box office shows, popular sentiment is definitively more aligned with the ethereal Lucy and galactic Guardians themes than with a mere mortal named Hercules .

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Transition 2014 - CMO Tip of Iceberg Meltdown?

23 July 2014

While presenters at Percolate’s full house Transition 2014 Conference at The TimesCenter in New York City last week debated the future of marketing, I believe most marketers in attendance left knowing they face a big conundrum. Has technology and social disruption accelerated the beginning of the end or end of the beginning for CMO s?

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Entrepreneur Barbie Dresses for "Ice Cream Social"

11 July 2014

Mattel’s launch of EB last month comes on the heels of a highly charged climate where women’s rights are being threatened at the Supreme Court level and sexual assaults on women are increasing, fueled by the objectification of women not only in marketing (eg. Barbie’s Sports Illustrated cover shoot and Pantene’s #unapologetic campaign, which now riffs in EB marketing), but also by public school dress codes. Peggy Orenstein describes some disturbing dress code policies in a New York Times Op-Ed , whose language objectifies girls in particular, placing the onus on them, not boys. Orenstein also cites evidence that self-objectification among girls leads to low self esteem.

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Social Listening: Who’s Got The (Turkey) Bacon?

30 May 2014

I was surprised and intrigued by my social media foray into turkey bacon—the rich consumer insights, virtues sung, even all the unfettered social indignation toward turkey bacon. All of which offer marketing innovation potential based on the sizzling bacon cackle. Who will have the last gobble among the rafter of competitors?

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Social Listening: Jill Abramson And The “Bossy” Thing

21 May 2014

Working women have always questioned the veracity of meritocracy. Ostensibly, a given? Alas, not yet, not even in the 21st century. The obtuse firing last week by Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson—the first woman to lead the Times in its 162-year history—who, with 8 Pulitzers to her credit, a stellar fiduciary and fiscal management record at the Times and a record of bringing gender parity and diversity to the newsroom, as well as innovation—is proof positive we have a long way to go.

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Social Listening: Mother’s Day Leading Brand Tributes

13 May 2014

On Mother’s Day, brand culture is on full display in social media. Here are a few of the brand personalities I discovered through their social engagement. The favorite Mother’s Day commercial in social media conversations was the NBA’s “MVP” commercial, which turned NBA star Kevin Durant’s MVP acceptance speech into a humble tribute to his mother.

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