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Golden Globes Fashion – Is White the New Black?

Posted on 18 January 2016

Has the Golden Globes red carpet reached a style crossroads, an inflexion point, or simply found new footing? Conspicuously absent at this year’s Globes were the usual (not too distant) extremes—nudity and Cinderella froufrou—replaced instead with assertive individual feminine designs. The women of Hollywood appear to have lobbed the first red carpet design – and poser – salvo of 2016.

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Paris Fashion Week: A Shape-Shifting Kaleidoscope

Posted on 12 October 2015

Alexander McQueen

Trying to make sense of the fickle world of fashion in social media can be a bit like sifting through the shape-shifting beads and crystals of a kaleidoscope. Only instead of colorful symmetrical patterns, expect the mirrored reflections to be capricious, at best.

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Who’s Winning the Sustainable Luxury Fashion Challenge - Kering vs. LVMH

Posted on 18 August 2015

No longer reserved by erstwhile fringe “organic” brands, luxury brands, too, like Stella McCartney and parent Kering, are leading the ethical fashion discussion, as well as setting sustainability goals and benchmarks in an industry notorious for polluting and creating waste.

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Whither New York Fashion Week Men’s?

Posted on 4 August 2015

After spending a decade in the wings of women’s Fashion Week, NYFW: Men’s recently hosted its own singular event. Long overshadowed—and equally overdue by some accounts—skirted by the high profile pomp of annual seasonal global women’s catwalks, men’s collections, and their designers, are finally getting their due.

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Haute Couture - When Birds Of A Feather Don’t Flock Together

Posted on 19 July 2015

As pink ostrich feathers fetchingly took flight at Sotheby’s inaugural haute couture auction in Paris last week, featuring vintage gowns from Didier Ludot’s collection—the Balenciaga gown that plucked top dollar at auction where the entire lot sold out at triple presale estimates—birds of a like feather were spreading their plumes in sometimes phantasmagorical settings at Haute Couture Fashion Week 2015 in Paris and Rome.

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