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Interview With Marie Wallace of IBM: All Things Analytic

9 April 2014

I recently caught up with Marie Wallace, Analytics Strategist at IBM , at Seth Grimes’ Sentiment Analysis Forum in New York City. A lover of technology with a fascination for “all things analytic,” Marie has spent the last decade building analytics technology at IBM . In this interview, she shares her thoughts on analysis, enterprise solutions and working at the intersection of people and technology.

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Interview: Shree Dandekar, Director BI Strategy at Dell

4 April 2014

In this interview, Shree shares his thoughts about the next data analytics revolution, innovation, the human factor in setting up a data analytics strategy, and Dell’s dedication to facilitating actionable insights for customers by streamlining the information life cycle.

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Social Media Consciousness Raising

20 March 2014

Feminist consciousness raising is now viral. Feminist corporate leaders such as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have teamed with the Girl Scouts in a #banbossy campaign to bring awareness to the nefarious impact condescending word labeling can have at a very early age on quashing a young girl’s ambition and leadership potential.

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The Social Runway: The New Voice of New York Fashion Week

14 February 2014

An industry fixture, global runway shows still attract the A-list, hip and Hollywood, but the real show is increasingly the one happening in social media, where fans, critics, designers and style conscious folks like you and me are unleashing our inner style personas to engage in massive fashion meetups. Even the much-coveted front row—once considered where the real show was happening, from whose perch fashion editors reigned supreme in dictating a designer’s fortune or a label’s fate—is showing signs of disruption.

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Social Media Adoption Among Beauty Brands

13 February 2014

Watch for an ever increasing M&A activity as the global beauty brands seek the expertise in digital and social media, found in the small startups, to advance their current capabilities, an important and growing competency for these companies as they learn that social is a key factor in the consumer journey of discovery of their products.

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Hispanic Social Sentiment Lags for Estado de la Unión (SOTU)

31 January 2014

Why is Spanish social media sentiment so down on the Estado de la Unión ( SOTU ) address even though President Obama has an overwhelming likeable sentiment?

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Super Bowl XLVIII: Brand Advertising Says “Supersize Me”

28 January 2014

America’s Super Bowl event—ranked as television’s #1-viewed program, the actual game notwithstanding—has spawned yet another favorite American pastime: commercial-watching. And this huge entertainment value has not been lost on the brands that vie for a coveted game spot. Today more than ever, the game-changing value of the media buy has increased exponentially with the advantage of garnering super-sized social media attention.

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Newsweek Article French-Bashing Stirs Lion Share of Social Roar

9 January 2014

Journalistic research utilizing a social media platform like NetBase can be blustery and flamboyant—especially when global journalists clash. This now is the case with the Franco-American social firestorm sparked by Newsweek reporter Janine di Giovanni in her recent article “Fall of France” published last week by the online magazine.

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2014 Futurescape: The Internet of Things

8 January 2014

While industry, institutions and society as a whole navigate an intense new era of social technology disruption, the good news is that there is scientific and astrological context. As reported by NASA last week, the sun has “flipped” its north and south axes—midway through its 22-year solar polarity reversal cycle—and according to astrological wisdom, we have entered the Aquarian Age.

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Netflix on a Global Social Roll

15 December 2013

After nearly self-imploding in 2011, Netflix ( NASDAQ : NFLX ) has seen a 10% rise in corporate earnings, the addition of more than 2.7 million subscribers across the globe, and its stock trading at $363 per share in Q3 2013. One of the best industry turnaround stories ever, the darling of the S&P shows Netflix total subscriber base is 40.4 million worldwide—a 229% increase in one year.

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