Global Social Media Insights and Research

Localspeak is a global social media insights and research partner to market researchers and brand innovation leaders worldwide. We strive to bridge global human analytics and social media intelligence to explore the “why” in human data that reveals consumer intention, motivation and behavior.

Leveraging our track record in commercial localization and translation, Localspeak has for the last decade partnered with leading global market researchers, marketers, brand innovators and social media intelligence analysts.

Growing demand for deep in-language cultural, multimarket brand and campaign intelligence continues to push Localspeak’s creative frontiers and challenge our global analysts to reimagine obstacles as opportunities.

As a business partner of NetBase—an award-winning NLP multilingual social intelligence platform—Localspeak delivers qualitative and quantitative brand intelligence and deep NLP brand insights and netnography in 43 languages.

Candida McCollam - Chief Culture Evangelist

With an extensive background in commercial translation, global branding, cross-cultural communications and social media intelligence, Candida McCollam founded Localspeak in 2003 in response to a growing demand for customized and culturally authentic global brand marketing and brand research solutions.

Founder and Chief Culture Evangelist, Candida, a multicultural polyglot, interprets cultural divides and what bridges them. Her global team of linguists and brand analysts includes intuitive thinkers with an instinctive knowledge of cultural idiosyncrasies.

Candida is a regular contributor to the Best Thinkers column of Social Media Today covering global advertising, consumer behavior, media, politics, social trends, women and digital business trends and transformation.

Candida has worked for more than two decades in New York and Los Angeles for leading global market research and social media insights firms, including Berlitz, Hall & Partners, Ipsos/OTX, Kantar, Lightspeed and NetBase.